Why Emily Maynard is Awesome

OK, so I don’t admit this to many people, but I am a huge fan of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette.

A seriously guilty pleasure, and while I was certainly late to the party (I’ve only been watching for the past year or so), I’ve purchased and watched every last episode that is available on iTunes.

I started off with Jason Mesnick, but soon moved onto Brad Womack’s second season.  This has proven to be one of my favorites and is also the first time we meet Emily Maynard, who a few seasons later ends up being The Bachelorette!

OK, so Emily is obviously well loved by her fans, and is probably the most popular Bachelorette ever from what I have gathered.

But WHY?

I’m not going to analyze why I think the public is so enamored with her, I’m sure you can find other articles on that; I’d simply like to share with you my own thoughts on what I think makes her so cool.

I’m not a typical fan girl.

I watch the show mostly because it’s a great way (correction: the BEST way) to pass the time as I get my cardio done at the gym.  It’s interesting to watch the drama of it all and to watch people win or lose their internal battles, and overall, to see people losing their shit.

When compared with other contestants on the show, here is why I think Emily takes the cake:

1) She always remains composed

You’ve never witnessed her participating in the drama or speaking ill of anyone.  Although she participates in circus-style show that is The Bachelor, she never gets pulled into the dark side of it all.  She’s nice to everyone, and she does not have a breakdown, ever.

Although when she was a contestant on Brad’s season, she was obviously in competition with the other girls, she never let it get the best of her.  She always just stayed true to herself and her relationship, and didn’t succumb to the envy and drama that has gotten the best of almost every other woman who has ever done the show.

2) She values herself

It seems that Emily is always in touch with who she is and never compromises her morals or does anything that is beyond her level of comfort.  She doesn’t get angry, she just politely declines anything that isn’t in keeping with what she feels is right.

When Brad asked her to join him in the “Fantasy Suite,” she said she’d like to spend more time with him, but was clear that she would not be spending the night.  But there was nothing negative about the declining of the invitation – because it came from a place of self-love and self-respect, and no other baggage.

She looks out for herself, and does it with grace.

3) She stands up for herself

When Emily was the Bachelorette, she was forced to deal with a few pigs, most memorably, Kalon, who famously referred to her daughter, Ricky, as “baggage.”

And what did she do?

She told him to “get the f**k out.”

And she did it like a lady.  There’s nothing wrong with showing your guns, and it was great to watch a woman do it with grace, all while looking fabulous, and all because she values herself and her family.

Often, as women, we don’t feel that we can stand up for ourselves and speak strongly without losing it.  She didn’t lose it, she was just clear.

She has high standards.  And it’s wonderful to watch because we all should be sure to maintain comparably high standards for ourselves.

4) She always looks like a million bucks

OK, she’s probably had some help with veneers, some plastic surgery, and some regular visits to the dermatologist, but we are living in the modern age.  Let’s be real.

That being said, she embraces her femininity.  Being feminine is a beautiful thing!  Let’s not let that go out of style.  I love when women wear makeup and wear dresses, stand up straight, speak well and have good manners.  Classic femininity is timeless.

5) She has good manners

I’ve already touched on this, but it truly is so important.  With so many other female role models out there who have a rougher edge, it’s wonderful for America to have a someone to role model good manners and grace.

As I’ve watched other seasons of the show,  I’ve yet to find another woman who is as good an example of what it truly means to be a lady in modern times.

I believe that trends and sensational styles and behaviors have their time and place, but being timeless trumps them all.  I believe that Emily fits this bill.

A strong, independent woman who handles herself with grace.  This is being a woman means to me.

…And as I go through my life and find myself falling short, I sometimes think, “What would Emily do?”

I think we would all benefit from following her example.